Dear Alumni

I welcome you all to our newly created “Alumni Network Portal”. A few of you may know me very well, some of you may know me, some of you may have seen me and many of you may not have known me at all, but I have made an attempt to get to know you through your photographs and your credentials. Please note that your credentials have been placed in our Alumni Data Base which is available for you to access at

Recently, I was pondering on a question: “Whether cosmetics bring value to a model who is an ambassador for that brand of cosmetics, or the model brings value to the cosmetics”. My answer is, it is the model who brings value to the cosmetics in most of the cases.

If you consider an engineering product like “I-phone” or a “Mercedes –Benz" Car, it is the product that enhances the status of the owner of that product.

I feel the relationship between an alma mater and its alumnus is somewhat I have described. An alumnus, because of his/her achievement brings value to his/her alma mater and in reciprocal to that the brand of the alma mater adds value to its graduates if that alma mater commands a brand value.

When an institution is in its nascent stage, it must strive hard to build its brand value through creation of excellent infrastructure; attracting well qualified and experienced faculty members and through offering innovative and relevant education programmes. It is essential that the institution imparts education to its students with a sole objective of converting them into global citizens who will have excellent knowledge in their chosen discipline, interpersonal skills, critical skills, societal engagement and respect for all cultures.  The graduates after leaving the portals of the institution, if start performing well in their real life, the society starts recognising the institution and the institution brand value start rising up and this brand value of the institution starts adding value to its graduates. Thus, it becomes a cyclic process. It is necessary that both institution and its graduates must respect the relationship that exists between them, as it adds value to each other. The sole purpose of the alumni association is to make all alumni come together periodically and discuss ideas on how to make their alma mater relevant to the society with changing times and help the institution authorities to implement ideas to make the institution relevant for all generations.

I suggest each and every alumnus of M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences and alumni of its constituent colleges respect this philosophy and warmly reciprocate for the growth of “M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences”

Best wishes in all your endeavors

Prof. S. R. Shankapal